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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Motion Trip Offering Araballi Queen Mount Abu Packages

Nestling (at a height of 1200 metres) in the Aravalli range passing through Rajasthan, is Mount
Abu. This hill station is popular both with domestic and international visitors. The world famous
Dilwara Temples are close by. Many legends talk about Mount Abu, the most famous of these is
about how Mount Abu derived its name. The Son of the Himalayas, Arbuda (Abu in short) � a
serpent, came down to this spot to rescue Nandi, the Wahan (Mount) of Lord Shiva. Hence the

Special Honey moon Package: 3N/4D.

1. Accommodation in twin sharing basis.
2. Daily breakfast.
3. Daily lunch or Dinner.
4. All sightseeing.
5. Daily two glass of badam milk.
6. All current applicable taxes.
7. Parking charge.

Package cost per couple Rs 8910/- for 3N/4D (Deluxe Package).

Hotel: Banjara Super deluxe room.

Package cost per couple Rs 7700/- for 3N/4D (Standard Package).

Hotel: Aakash Deep Super deluxe room.

Package cost per couple Rs 9900/- for 3N/4D (Standard Package).

Hotel: Chanakya deluxe room.

Sightseeing includes:

1. Nakki lake.
2. Adhar Debi Temple.
3. Guru Shikhar.
4. Om Santi Bhaban.
5. Sun Sate point.
6. Dil wara Temle.
7. Gomukh.
8. Honeymoon Point.


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