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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Motion Trip Offer Great Camel Festival Package

 Celebrate Camel Festival in Bikaner, Rajasthan organized by the department
of Tourism, Art, Culture and Government of Rajasthan. The new year 2011
welcomes the Camel Festival on 18-19 Jan, 2011 in Bikaner. The Camel Festival
in Bikaner attracts a large number of tourists from all over the World. The
movement, charm and grace of Camel attract tourists.

The localities of Bikaner give importance to the Camel. The reason behind this is
Camel is the only animal that can survive in dry desert by having little food and
the most important thing is water. In the history, when technology was not so
advanced people were unable to reach there then camel was only the mode of
transportation. At present days camel has given equally importance as earlier.
This is the reason that camel is known as ‘the ship of desert’. It is said that the
Camel Festival is a sort of acknowledgment of camel in this region and their
tremendous contribution in easing up life here.

The first day of festival starts with the procession or parade of gracefully
decorated camel from the famous Junagarh Fort. The day is fully dedicated to
camel as their owner assured that their camel should not look lesser than others.
They decorate the camels with colorful bridles and saddles and tie anklets
around the feet. The competition is held on camel decoration, camel breed, best
fur cut design camel and camel milking. The crowd turns when camel dance
competition start. Camel moves to the direction of their masters gracefully hence
they entertain by their dance. The first day end with entertainment and camel
show. The next day begins with more excitement as the challenging day is to
defeat one another in camel race. The supporter cheers at their loudest voice.
Both the day conclude with renowned folk artist show.

To witness the rural life and their culture tourists visit in large number.


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